LTRVD Episode 6 – The Dalton Highway in Alaska Part 1

In this episode we travel to America’s northernmost and most isolated road: the James Dalton Highway in northern Alaska.

I come to you from the comfort of my car, parked at my workplace parking lot. I try to take advantage of my downtime to record the podcast, as when I get home in the evening I am tired and life sometimes gets in the way.

The James Dalton Highway in Alaska

Dalton highway map

The main theme of this episode is a road trip we made on America’s northernmost road. Although it is not ideal for a big rig, I know of people who have done part of it towing a large 5th wheel. We also saw our share of class C, trailers, and camper vans.

I am not going to go into every detail of the trip on this post. Also I didn’t have time to cover the whole road trip in this episode. I will have a part two for sure. Here we are only going to cover Fairbanks and the trip from there to the halfway point: Coldfoot. In part two we are going to go fro Coldfoot all the way to the Arctic Ocean, so stay tuned for that.

Next, I am going to post some very useful links that I used to plan this trip, and some pictures of our epic journey in Alaska.

YouTube playlist of my trip

Wikitravel article
Wikipedia article

Midnight Sun Festival, Fairbanks, Alaska

Dalton Highway Sign

Somewhere between Hess Creek and the Yukon River

Yukon River

Finger Mountain

Arctic Circle

Graylin Lake

Coldfoot Midnight Panorama

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