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Does Robert live in his RV full time?

While traveling, Robert does live in his RV travel trailer the entire duration. The rest of the time Robert lives in a traditional home.

What is the travel trailer Robert tows?

Where does Traveling Robert live?

What is boondocking and does Traveling Robert boondock?

Who makes the videos for Robert on his YouTube channel?

Where does Robert love to travel the most?

Who makes the music in Robert's videos and who are the back up singers in Riding in My Rv Intro 2018?

Is Robert married?

How can I support Traveling Robert?

Hi! I'm Robert Morales, aka Traveling Robert. Join us as we embark on new adventures every week, traveling from city to city, exploring popular destinations to hidden gems. In the process you will learn tips and tricks of safer RV'ing, solar energy options and much more. Thank you and see you on the road!

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