1. Robert ,
    I love your videos! I’m originally from South Bend , Indiana and I am familiar with Middleton , Indiana. I am currently In Orlando, Fl. My first experience with a Winnebago was The Brave. My family and I went out west. It was truly an adventure! The Brave was an old motorhome that we obtained from my Grandparents. The engine blew on The Dan Ryan in Chicago. We had it towed and finished our journey in a rented Volvo car and tents! We picked up The Brave ( new engine) on the way home! Can’t wait for your new Minnie Winnie!
    Jill Weed – Love Camping and Traveling 🏕️

  2. My daughter and I love traveling with you on YouTube! We are both disabled; me with M.S. and she is 39 and has C.P. & M.R. I use to take her everywhere, before my M.S. got too bad. We use to do road trips too. Now we enjoy everything about your trips including your cooking in the RV! We love going to the restaurants with you and you wife(?). My daughter often spends hours watching your videos, while I get housework done. Thanks for being you, Robert! (I wish you had had a better time at that campground in Maine, you visited on one of your videos. We are not all like that.~xoxo!!)